Product Liability

Auto Defects

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So many of us rely on cars as our main means of transportation on a daily basis. It is often assumed that our cars are safe and provide a shield against many driving hazards. But when a car has some sort of defect, this safety can be compromised. Defects can put drivers at a higher risk of a dangerous car accident and lead to serious consequences.

One of the most common automobile defects is tire blowouts. Tire blowouts can be terrifying, leading to a sudden loss of vehicle control. What many people do not realize is that these blowouts are often a result of a defect with the car, such as a problem in the manufacturing of the vehicle. Another problem that can be caused by a manufacturing or design flaw of the vehicle is brake malfunction, such as the brakes suddenly failing to work as an individual is driving. These two instances can cause serious injury in the event of an accident, which are often unpreventable if these two defects take place.

Defects also affect safety precautions in a car. When airbags fail to properly deploy in a vehicle, accidents can become even more dangerous to an individual. Improperly installed airbags or defective airbags in a vehicle can cause an individual to be put an increased risk. Another defense against driving dangers, seat belts, may also be affected by auto defects. According to the website of Crowe and Mulvey, some common seatbelt defects include the locking apparatus failing to activate and the locking apparatus becoming unlatched upon impact. Airbags and seatbelt are two of the most important safety features a car possess. When these features, along with tires and brakes, are compromised, the results can be far worse than a normal accident.

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Liability for Truck Defects

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Pinpointing liability for truck accidents caused by a defective or malfunctioning part such as brakes and tires can be a complicated issue. Because vehicles are in constant motion, the parts tend to wear out, and this is even truer in the freight and trucking industry.  When the trucking company or truck owner fails to maintain their vehicles properly, accidents that result in serious injury to innocent third parties can happen even if all other safety regulations are followed. But it is also true that in some instances, new parts turn out to be defective, or were improperly installed. Innocent victims of such accidents should hold the responsible parties liable at least for their financial losses.

The liability for truck defects may be said to possibly lie with the:

  • Truck Driver – for failing to report any observed problems with the vehicle
  • Truck Company – for failing to do regular maintenance on vehicles
  • Truck Parts Manufacturer – for design or manufacturer defects on parts
  • Auto Parts Distributor – for sale of a defective or malfunctioning part
  • Third-party Mechanic – for incorrect installation of a vehicle part or installation of an inappropriate model or size of a part

One or more of the parties above may be named in a personal injury suit in a semi truck accident, for example, in which one or more people were seriously injured. If they are found responsible, the next issue would be determining the percentage of fault. Insurance companies, which more likely than not will be making the pay out, will exert all necessary effort to minimize their exposure, which can mean an extended legal battle.

This can have serious consequences for the victims of the accident as a prolonged dispute can mean delays in getting compensation for medical and other financial costs. To keep the delays as short as possible, it is advisable to get experience truck accident lawyers practicing in the area to get the documentation together and handle the case.

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