Cool Roof Systems for Commercial Buildings in Hot Climates

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Commercial roofing provides protection for the building from the elements, mostly from water and air damage. But another major function of roofing is to keep temperatures inside any building, commercial or residential, at comfortable levels, and that means providing insulation during both hot and cold weather. It is much more difficult to design a roof that keeps cool in the summer and warm in winter, but roofing contractors in Texas have figured out a way to have the best of both worlds.

The system is called cool roofing and makes use of three layers of structure: a reflective surface, above-sheathing ventilation (ASV), and above sheathing radiant barrier. The key to keeping the building cool is in the ASV, which is essentially space between the outer roof and the foil insulation leading to a vent at the top where heat can escape back out rather than radiate into the house like a convection oven. In a commercial building, this will work well with a low-slope roof as the ventilation shaft will more efficiently carry the heat away than a flat roof.

This type of roofing also works well in keeping the cold out during winter because while the design prevents heat from entering from outside, it also keeps in heat that’s already inside, such as that from a heater. This means significant reductions in both cooling and heating costs as temperature regulation is much more efficient.

It may cost more to have a cool roof installed, but the benefits over the long run can more than make up for any additional outlay on labor and materials at installation.

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