Offshore accidents an “epidemic” in Louisiana

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There are thousands of production platforms off the coast of Louisiana as the state and areas surrounding the Gulf of Mexico enter a boom in oil production unseen in recent years. This is unexpected, considering how oil prices continue to plunge as supply exceeds demand. Experts say investment projections in oil and gas production infrastructure is in decades rather than years, and if a project is underway, it is hard to pull back.

However, watchdogs maintain that state and federal laws confer too much self-policing to oil and gas companies, especially over safety regulations on offshore rigs. There was intense pressure on regulators to do their jobs following the devastating 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, but that was almost five years ago. Oil and gas companies and their affiliates are again largely on their own, as predictably as the tide turns. With only 99 inspectors policing about 4,000 offshore rigs, it is perhaps not surprising.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement reports that offshore accidents are on the decline, with 226 injuries reported in 2014. This is half of what it was in 2007. Nevertheless, some if not all of these 226 injuries may have been preventable if oil and gas companies invested more of their profits in safety measures.

According to the website of Houston personal injury accident lawyers of the Mokaram Law Firm, negligent employers are liable for serious injuries and fatalities that happen in offshore platforms. This is little enough comfort for the injured and survivors of a worker who gets killed, such as the 24-year-old Turnkey Cleaning Services who died while doing maintenance work on a dormant rig just off South Pass. Three other workers were injured.

If you sustained serious injuries in an offshore accident, it is your right to get compensation. Consult with a personal injury lawyer experienced in dealing with oil and gas companies to find out your legal options.

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